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Conception, development, release: I'm with you throughout the 3 phases of a Brand Artery project. What can you expect at each step along the way?

The process behind a Brand Artery project.

To build your website, I use a powerful system consisting of WordPress, the Beaver Builder page builder and a set of carefully hand-selected plugins to guarantee stability, speed, security and user-friendliness.

Just like this system has grown over years of experience and research, so have my workflows. Here's the Brand Artery process: together, we get from first contact to the finish line in three phases.

Phase 1 » Conception

  • Step 1.1

    • Your business
    • Your goals
    • Your visions
    • You

    Meet & Greet

    We sit down for 1-2 hours. You tell me about yourself, your business, your goals. We explore ideas and wishes for website design and structure, as well as project scope and budget.

  • Step 1.2

    Collection & Prototype

    I craft a first prototype of your front page. You deliver contents and (access) data that you already have.

  • Step 1.3


    We look over your website prototype and lay down our design and content direction as well as project outline. Over a cup of tea, I learn all about your business, history and philosophy so I can create your website, not a website by me for you.

  • Step 1.4

    Quote & Offer

    You get a written offer outlining scope, deadlines and price of the project in detail. I offer full-transparency, what-you-see-is-what-you-get pricing.

  • Step 1.5

    First payment

    To kick off the project, you pay a 50% deposit. After this step, we're both committed to the project. The remaining 50% become due when the website is done and we're both thrilled with it.

Phase 2 » Development

  • Step 2.1

    Dev: Draft

    You kick back and have a Piña Colada while I develop a full draft of your website, including all pages and all available contents up to this point.

  • Step 2.2

    Showcase: Draft

    We review the draft together and determine what still needs to be amended, extended, completed.

  • STEP 2.3

    • Responsive Design
    • Social media previews
    • Search engine metadata

    Dev: Release Candidate

    I build the full version, ready for release. Includes optimization for mobile devices (responsive design), metadata for search engines and social media previews.

  • Step 2.4

    Showcase: Release Candidate

    We meet up once more for inspection and approval of the Release Candidate.

Phase 3 » Release

From this point on, design and content are fixed. Critical changes can still be made.

  • Step 3.1

    Final Edits & Release

    This is it! The big go-live. I make final revisions to the website and release it to the wild.

  • Step 3.2


    SEO steps like Page Speed optimization, favicon implementation, SSL activation, registration with Google Search Console and more.

  • Step 3.3

    Handover & Conclusion

    You get a user's manual and after your final approval, I send you my invoice. From here on in, I remain available to you whenever you need fixes, additions, changes.

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