For artists, creators and entrepreneurs with spirit.

Matt at Brand Artery gives artists, creative and soul-driven entrepreneurs enduring market presence through attractive, modern websites built on distinct, powerful brands.

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My philosophy.

* Hi, I'm Matt and that's me in the photo up there!

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Understanding humans because we've all got our reasons. Telling stories because it's an experience knowing you!

What you do, you do from the heart. Your story is poetry, a true experience the world mustn't miss out on. My mission is to spread the word, to make you known.

Saarbrücken, Frankfurt, Montreal, the world.

I work for you in Saarbrücken, Königstein im Taunus and the Frankfurt am Main area, Montreal, Canada - and: wherever you are.

My promises.


Words, photography, design: made to measure, not off the rack.



A sustainable presence in the hearts and minds of your audience.



SEO: optimizing website content and configuration so your web presence convinces.



Who gets to manage, edit and update your website? That's right, you.



I'm there when you need me. Get the freedom you want and the support you need.


Here, have a Trailer!

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Your website in 5 steps.


I listen until I personally know you and your business.


...of your brand and communication strategy.


I craft your website and set you up online.


You get a user's manual including videos.


I help your market presence to evolve with you.

I work with amazing people.

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"Kimberly creates poetry you can dance to. It's a pleasure and privilege to photograph her rocking, soulful performances in studios and on Montreal's stages."

- Matt.

amazing people work with me.

Kimberly Bourgeois

Singer & Songwriter

Whether you're looking for a photographer, web designer, or content developer, I encourage you to contact Matt. Beyond his talent and smarts, he's an all-round great guy who's bound to boost the fun factor of your creative process.

Angela Potvin

Immigration Lawyer

Matt delivered an excellent web site for me with original photography (!). He was very easy to work with, enthusiastic and I receive compliments on my site constantly.

Benji Moreira

Founder, Mundo Lingo language exchange

I see strong common sense, motivation and initiative in Matt's work ethic, he's not someone you have to ask twice. Matt takes pride in the creativity, quality and delivery of his work.

Nilia Berkin

Jazz & Pop Singer/Pianist

Matt has a positive attitude and is highly adaptable to the client's needs. I was very satisfied with the website he produced for me as well as the beautiful photographs he took.

You got the substance.
I bring the style.

Matt photographs your business, crafts its brand and then builds its new awesome website.

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Let's get in touch!

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Matthias Elsdörfer
a.k.a. Matt Eastwood
Word Spreader

Kaiserslauterer Str. 64
66123 Saarbrücken

Wiesengrundstr. 6
61462 Königstein


Phone: (+49) 170 7 555 701
E-Mail: matt[at]brandartery.com

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